My ex-partner has taken our children without my permission – what do I do?

If you have a Court Order that the children live with you and the children have not been returned, you should try to talk to the other parent and see...
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What is a recovery order?

A Recovery Order is an order from the Court allowing the Federal and State Police to return the children to you.
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What is a “Parenting Order” and how does it differ from a “Parenting Plan”?

Parents Australian law encourages parents to come to a parenting arrangement or parenting plan on their own.  Many parents, however, are unable to come to an agreement and end up...
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Can a Parenting Plan be Changed or Modified?

A good parenting plan should discuss the many possible surprises and changes that might occur – a parent relocates, a medical emergency, financial circumstances change – but no plan can...
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What is a Parenting Plan?

Australian law holds both parents responsible for their children.  Even when parents separate or divorce, both parents are obligated to take care of their children financially, providing them with all...
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