Child Support Calculator

The Child Support Calculator will assist you to calculate the amount of child support that you may be eligible to receive or obliged to pay for the benefit of your child/ren. The Child Support Calculator will provide guidance in standard, non-complex, child support circumstances

Simply insert the information requested by the form and allow the Child Support Calculator to estimate your child support entitlement or obligation based on the information provided by you. All input fields are required. Further child support information and calculators may be found at

Parents Information

Parent 1(You)
Number of Children to
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Parent 2(Other Parent)

Parents Income Information

Please enter your Income Information and other Parent’s income information below. Without the other parents information child cupport estimate may be incorrect.

Annual income amount Parent 1 Parent 2
Taxable Income ($)
Reportable fringe benefits ($)
Net rental property losses ($)
Tax free pensions & benefits ($)
Foreign income ($)
Total taxable income ($)

Income Support Payments

Did you or the other parent recieve an Income Support Payment during the last financial year ?
Income Support Payment includes pensions, carrer support payments and disability support pensions. It also includes payments from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs such invalidity service pension, partner service pension, Defence force income support allowance and income support supplement.

Parent 1 Parent 2
Recieved Income Support Yes

Childern’s Information

Please enter the number of night each child is in your care. You can enter it with by selecting proper frequency eg: Per Week, Per Fortnight, Per Month or Per Year.

Child’s Name Date of Birth
Nights of Care
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Child Support Estimate Summary

Cost of Childern

Calculation Details


Taxable income ($)
Self Support Amount (-) ($)
Child Support ($)
Combined Child Support
Income(Parent 1 + Parent 2) ($)
Child Support Income (%)

Child Support Care Details

Child Support Percentage

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